Why “holygoat”?

Many years ago, when I played computer games, “Holy Goat” was my nickname in those games. It carried on from Warcraft through to Quake, Team Fortress, Quake 2, LMCTF, Action Quake 2, UT, Action UT, until I stopped playing online. It's still a nice nickname, and a damn sight easier to register than richardnewman.com!

The original derivation, of course, is from “in the name of the Father, the son, and the…

Each of my maps (Asylum, Asylum 2, Daydam, Cinema, Dojo, Actcity, and some unreleased ones) is attributed to Holy Goat.

I used to have the email addresses “holygoat@ateamproductions.com” and “holygoat@telefragged.com”, but they stopped working a long time ago — I'm listing them here for the benefit of search engines. Use my contact page if you want to get in touch.