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About Me

I am Richard Newman, a (former?) Englishman in the United States. Everything else you can pick up through contextual clues.

About This Page

holygoat.co.uk is a repository for my personal projects, blog, old, outdated research work, pictures, ontologies, and miscellaneous detritus. As the detritus ages, I gradually trim it away. Such is life.

My blog sits on a modified version of PHPosxom 0.61. It now bears little resemblance to the original, even discarding the characteristic plain-text entries. One day it will be rewritten, as all software seems to be.


I'm pleased to work for Mozilla, attempting to make the Web a better place. I'm a former Microsoftie, by way of acquisition (Tellme).

I like to write Common Lisp, Clojure, and occasionally other languages (English amongst them — hence the blog!). These days I spend more time with JavaScript. I've worked on the Wilbur toolkit, the twinql SPARQL engine (whose descendants are now part of AllegroGraph, in a much-enhanced form), and a host of other bits and bobs, only some of which I can disclose.

Academic Information

Until September 2007 I was a PhD student at the University of Reading, researching various issues on the Semantic Web, and lecturing on a few topics. I found a full-time job to be quite incompatible with finishing my studies. I've sinced moved on to less airy pursuits.

A full résumé/CV is available on request; a cut-down version is available.

Where did the name “holygoat” come from?