iPhotoRDF is an RDF exporter plugin for iPhoto.

My aims in writing this plugin were:

  • To provide a functional example of how to write an iPhoto plugin, up-to-date as of iPhoto 45
  • To allow conversion of keywords into arbitrary RDF (e.g. from “Taken by Richard” to dc:creator :Richard, for example)
  • To export additional RDF, such as titles, dates, etc.
  • To provide a datasource for my PhD work.

The code is, I suppose, under a BSD license for want of a better alternative — I want to give back to a community which provides such strong examples.

Andrew Stone's iPhoto plugin example was a great deal of help in the development of this project, though that tutorial is only up to date as of iPhoto 2.

Version 0.1

I've made available the entire Xcode project for version 0.1. This version only works with iPhoto 4.

This version is dependent on my Redwood software for output; the file output code is partially complete. Unset the USES_REDWOOD definition for the moment; the aim of this release is to provide an example for reference to other programmers.

Version 0.2

Version 0.2 works with iPhoto 5 and is fully-functional. The project archive for 0.2 will appear soon, but a binary installer package is here.

The schema is http://www.holygoat.co.uk/owl/2005/05/photo/, if you want to understand the RDF output.

Update: 2005-02-10: I mentioned this on the Semantic Web Interest Group list, and it's popped up on More News, so I expect a few Semantic Web researchers to drop by. If you have suggestions, want help, or anything, let me know. The contact link's on the right hand side, or you can send mail to my name at this domain.

Update: 2005-05-08: Version 0.2 went up yesterday, and works. Download it and have a go.

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