Lisp iTunes Music Server

This is an Araneida-based Web application to control a running instance of iTunes. I've tested it in OpenMCL on Mac OS X 10.3.7.

This application consists of some shell scripts and a single Lisp file.

Here is the Lisp file; you'll need Araneida itself, asdf-loadable. You'll also need these shell scripts in your path (or you can edit the Lisp file to call osascript directly). The license is the modified BSD license. Note that this may well be insecure (we have a private network), as it does expose an interface over the Web with no security. Use at your own risk; I only hope it's useful.

Update (2005-02-04): I've extended this to use OpenMCL's Cocoa FFI to construct NSAppleScript objects instead of calling to the shell. If you use OpenMCL, use this version instead. It's much quicker.

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