P800 SMS Message Processor

messageprocessor obsoletes grabp800, by doing a much better job.

Like grabp800, it extracts the content, date, message centre number, sender, and size from P800 (and P900?) SMS files. However, it is much more accurate at getting the content, stripping spurious characters from the start and end of the message (getting the right output for every one of my 1,100 message corpus), and can produce output in plain text, XML, and RDF. Furthermore, it catches high-ASCII characters, producing the Unicode representation for the RDF output, and is newline-proof.

Basically, you can convert your messages into useful, valid, and correct text, XML, or RDF.

To use:

  1. Make a backup and extract it, as described in the instructions for grabp800.
  2. Run the tool:

    messageprocessor -r http://example.com/mymessages# */* > mymessages.n3

    This produces a Notation-3/Turtle file called mymessages.n3, using http://example.com/mymessages# as the base URI for each message.

    messageprocessor -x */* > mymessages.xml

    This produces XML output.

    messageprocessor -t */* > mymessages.txt

    This produces plain-text output.

Use this application at your own risk.

Get the source, or the Mac OS X executable. The executable was compiled on Mac OS X 10.3.5 with the latest GCC.

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