P800 SMS Extractor (grabp800)

grabp800 will extract the content, date, message centre number, sender, and size from P800 SMS files.

To use:

  1. Make a backup using the Sony Ericsson software, or otherwise grab the C:\System\Mail directory from the phone. If you choose the backup route, unzip the backup file — it's just a standard zip.
  2. Navigate to the Mail folder — this should be full of files and folders such as 00001001_S.
  3. The folders ending in _S contain SMSes; for me, only 00001001_S actually held any. Navigate to this folder.
  4. The messages are arbitrarily sorted into folders: hexadecimal 0 to f. These include MMSes and other useless things; this tool does not pick these up (it just skips over them).
  5. Run the tool:

    grabp800 */* > Texts.xml

    This will go through each message in each folder, writing out a (probably invalid!) XML file*.

Caveats: as usual, I don't in any way warrant the quality of this application. I've already hit SMSes that don't process correctly, and there are sometimes stray characters at the start of lines. Use at your own risk. grabp800 may work with the P900; I haven't tested it.

Get the executable (Mac OS X), or the ANSI C source bundle.

* I will, at some point, make this generate RDF instead. Got to deal with the invalid input first, though!

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