Thu 17 Jul 2003

How to get in a bad mood

Someone once said "What annoys me is when I have to do something that the computer can easily do". Boilers know when they've emptied - so they can automatically refill. So why don't they automatically heat the water? The boiler in the house I lived in in my 2nd year did, and it was shit.

I just had the pleasant experience of getting in the shower, having enough water to start washing, then freezing. The boiler had been sitting, full of cold water, since my father and brother had showered earlier.

Now I have to hang around, dripping, for 20 minutes until I can finish my shower with hot water.

That's spoiled my day and wasted my time. And it didn't need to happen.

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Roxy Music

Just had delivered the Roxy Music "Live" album, which is composed of tracks from their 51-date 2001 World Tour. Double gold CD, with glossy pull-out, and a video track on the second disc.

This cost me a whopping £8.49 from CD-WOW - half the price HMV charge, and delivered unscratched and without stickers directly to my door. Which is exactly why I don't buy CDs (or many things at all!) from shops any more.

In other news, I'll be in Reading this afternoon to meet my PhD supervisor and discuss the work. Slightly nervous. Better do some reading!

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