Tue 09 Dec 2003

Another Wiki!

This one seems quite good though. TikiWiki. I expect I'll end up on this... perhaps :)

There's also Conclave to consider, but the site is down. Oh dear. They do explain that it's a particular router in Russia causing the problem... :)

Blogs make for great bookmarks, don't they?

Another 6+ post day... sorry!

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Rubgy Joke

Have you heard about the Australian bra?
It's green and gold, and has a lot of support but no cups.

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Nice phrases

Here's one: "dark-eyed French girl". Rolls off the tongue.

Also entertaining: the Substitution Chart by J. Robert Lennon.

My, I'm posting a lot this week!

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I didn't say I killed my wife!

Really, I didn't. Very good indeed.

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Great Songs from MacNN

  • Transistor Transistor - If You Really Loved Me You Would Shut The Hell Up

  • More.

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    Well, it's a bright old day today. Working from home, so I walked the dog.

    Two photos, one of which illustrates just how bright it was:


    Let's hope I didn't burn out my P800's CCD!

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