Wed 18 Feb 2004

Something to think about: "should"

From cLabs:

Don Gause taught me the wonderful substitution algorithm: Whenever you see should in a requirement, change it to probably won't.

Although she won't read this, happy birthday Lisa!

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How not to make me buy your software

I have a Gantt chart to finish in a week. PMX is a nice application, but it just doesn't give me the features I need*. I should probably install Project, but I don't like using Windows when I don't have to. Similarly, I'd rather have a Mac solution than Linux, so Planner is a second choice.

Back onto Mac programs, then, I try xTime Project 1.5.1. Unable to set a custom time format, I settle for "European" (apparently we use yyyy/mm/dd in "Europe", while the French use dd/mm/yyyy!). I then try to edit the first task I added, which caused the application to unexpectedly quit. Nice.


So, three options: use Windows solely for project management, and use Project; use Linux largely for project management, and use Planner/MrProject; or use PMX, and manually distribute my time (essentially using it as an aid rather than a real scheduler).

* Primarily automatic resource allocation: if I make 5 two-day events, with no dependencies, then all 5 run concurrently for 2 days. Ideally, they should take 10 days each, expanding where they overlap — there's only one of me!

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Yahoo Search

Well, you've probably read elsewhere that Yahoo! have just launched a new search engine (or rather, they've switched it in: no longer do they use Google results). It seems quite good — this page is #3 for Richard Newman, and my review page is #12. They return 20 results by default, which is an interesting change: if people don't normally go past page 1, then fit more on it!

Even for radiant primes I come up on numbers 12 and 13. Neat!

I wonder if they tie in their Yahoo! user information… it would be foolish not to, I suppose.

Ah yes:

NOTICE: We collect personal information on this site. To learn more about how we use your information, see our Yahoo Privacy Policy (Click here).

Very nice.

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Bluetooth, Address Book

Sweet! The most recent Bluetooth upgrade for OS X means that the P800 works properly with Address Book! I can actually dial calls and receive them from AB, and it doesn't spaz out!


iSync has also been updated, but I have absolutely no idea what that does for me. It supports the SX1 and some other new phones, along with the usual improvements. Heh.

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It's days like this that make me realise just how fragile the motorway system is. One crash on the M4 Eastbound, near Junction 5, and there's a queue solid a few miles past 8/9 (where I join). Selfish people queue on the exit ramp from the motorway roundabout, until everything is totally blocked, which makes the other directions impossible to access. I only just managed to get through.

A similar problem arises with single-lane roads. One driver going 30 in a 40 zone, or 40 in a national, causes this immense queue, and makes me late! Cyclists have the same effect, exacerbated by them riding down a single-carriageway right next to a pristine, empty cycle path.

Solution: redundancy. Multi-lane roads, multiple roads, fenced-off zones, whatever. Let's knock down some cycle paths and railways, and let the car reign!

This post brought to you by Richard's inner driver.

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