Mon 10 May 2004

pdflatex, hyperref, A4 and US Letter

Your dilemma:

You're using LyX or LaTeX, outputting your document through pdflatex. You want hyperlinked references and URLs, so you are using the hyperref package. However, you're not an isolationist, and are using international standard paper sizes — you want A4, not US Letter! Whatever you do, your documents always come out the wrong size, even though everything is set to A4!

The cause:

According to the pdfTeX FAQ, hyperref automatically resets you back to Letter, regardless of your pdftex.cfg file, if you don't specify a4paper in your document class options.

The solution:

In LyX, you already have the paper size set to A4. You must also put a4paper in the Document Style/Options text field.
You may now pick a margin size of your choice, and generate hyperlinked, A4 PDFs.

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