Thu 07 Oct 2004

Worst commute ever

I set off this morning at 8:35, to join the queue down the Maidenhead Road. Half an hour later, I haven't even reached the motorway yet. At 9:55 I finally arrive in my office, 18 miles from my home, travelling less than 20mph on the M4. That works out at 13.5mph; the “perfect” journey on that route takes about 20 minutes (nearly 60mph average).

My poor Dad was even worse off — he set off long before me, and last I heard was sat less than a mile away from where he started, heading the other way down Maidenhead Road, an hour after he left. Single-digit mph! Awesome.

The cause? Nothing at all. No crashes, no fires, no roadworks, just Windsor and Ascot completely gridlocked.

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