Wed 12 Oct 2005

Bocce, finishing up

Thanks to Don (for arranging) and everyone else (for coming): I had a great leaving lunch today at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos. OK, I sucked, but it was a good laugh nonetheless!

This evening, as I prepared to leave after a day of meetings and bugfixes, I decided to pack up my desk. I am a messy worker — Post-Its strewn around, 5 notebooks on the go at once, and piles of paper everywhere — so it took a while to collate everything into folders, copy up notes, and throw things away.

Souvenirs have been accruing, too; business cards, Polaroids of lattes (I blame Elaina for that one!), stickers, CDs. For the moment, it all goes into the bag.

It felt rather odd, clearing my desk: I feel at home at Tellme. It's all down to the people, of course, and it's the sentiments expressed today (whether verbally or not, and veiled in jest or not) that make me sorry to be leaving, for however long. I'm looking forward to seeing England, my family, and my friends, but I'll miss this place.

Soon I'll have to pack for Vegas, and for England. I have a meeting tomorrow, and probably another early on Monday morning… and then I fly.

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Things I didn't know about the new iPods

  • No Firewire support. You can only sync over USB.
  • No remote jack. I never use the remote, but still — that's a break with backward compability.

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iPod nano 200GB

Utter genius. I love the fact that it gets 6 minutes of play time. So pocketable!

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GraphViz continued

So, with a little further editing, you can get plain-ASDF dependency graphs, like this one for twinql:
The source DOT file is here.


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There comes a time in your life — usually when the espresso machine has been broken for over a week — when a large cup of Starbucks latte looks like a gift from heaven. Morning caffeine!

Thanks Tingting!

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