Sat 11 Oct 2003

Bluetooth, P800 and Address Book

Sometimes things can be a bit flakey.
iSync occasionally doesn't want to work until I turn the firewall off and on again (or perhaps it's something else, I can't be sure - it might be re-pairing that fixes it).
More frustratingly, Apple's Address Book will happily connect to my P800 (blue button lights up), and I have the 'Send SMS' and 'Dial' options, but neither of them actually do anything.
I know the link is there, because the P800's screen lights up, it does notify me of incoming calls (though the 'Reply by SMS' button is greyed out...).
Of course, even this isn't without problem... first call from my other phone, and I get 'Unknown number, second call'. I'm even in the address book! *sigh*

I find it impossible that they can't get this to work.

Anyone else who's been having the same problem (I think there are some, certainly with the Caller ID problem), please let me know.

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