Thu 08 Apr 2004


Anthony has suggested that I put comments on the site. I'm not sure about that, for a few reasons:
  • It'll clutter up the page, eventually turning it into one of those comical blogs with one line of content and a whole page of metacrap around it.
  • It means I have to update the code, either to write my own comment engine or to merge with Blosxom.PHP*.
  • It leaves me open to comment spamming, which I can't be bothered with.
  • I'm unlikely to get many comments, because people don't have the time or inclination to write them.
  • I'm not sure what value it would add to the site.
Of course, I may be wrong. You could always tell me

* Not to mention the fact that I'd have to redo my PHPosxom button…

Posted at 2004-04-08 12:19:00 by RichardLink to Comments