Sat 24 Jul 2004


I have not, in fact, been away — I just haven't been posting very much! The main reason for this is that I've been shopping and fixing the car: in the past few days, I've bought shoes (£27.50) and boots (£60) (both half price!), shorts, socks, a shirt, a bag (£25 from Gap, suitable for iBook), Burnout 2 for PS2*, a Pirelli P6000 (£62 fitted and tracked), an MoT certificate, one year of road fund licence, and a couple of lunches! The rest of the time I've been pottering: doing some tidying, both electronic and in the wider world.

At the moment, my computer thoughts are leading me towards writing my own embedded Lisp interpreter for my Semantic Web framework — partly for fun, and partly because I feel that I'm heading towards Greenspun's Tenth Law, so I may as well turn the tables. This is all for my fancy adaptable views, where I intend to programmatically build an interface appropriate to the data being displayed. I propose to describe the structure of this interface using Lisp, rather than some (rather limited) XML. This offers some additional functionality — for instance, conditionals or loops can be expressed without additional special-purpose markup.

The real reason: everyone has to write a Lisp interpreter at some point in their lives!

* Yes, Burnout 2! I completed this back in my 3rd year, and it's about time I added it to my collection. Pre-owned at Game for £15. David, Matt, Mark: look forward to your doom!

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