Sat 14 Aug 2004

A visit to Mark's

Yesterday I drove down to Shoreham, near Brighton, to see me ol' mucker Mark. Chilling with cats and beer in the afternoon, then out with his friends.

First stop: the pub on the way to the curry house. One pound goes into Hangman 2; three pounds come out. “No way could I possibly win again from the second game — it always cheats!” I say, promptly winning another £3. OK, I put £2 of it back in, but I'm still pleased!

At 9 we went to the curry place, the name of which I forget. Three notable occurrences: the speed of the poppadum arrival (almost immediate), the incredible delay for food arrival (about an hour!), and the bonkers staff (who called me “boss”, and inexplicably thought I was Japanese).

One of Mark's friends, Simon, I discovered to have similar oddities to me! He has double-jointed thumbs, can crack his wrists and sternum, and can dislocate his shoulders! I suppose they must be a package!

A very pleasant evening; Mark has nice mates.

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