Tue 14 Dec 2004

Samsung SGH-D500

My new phone arrived today. My initial thoughts: nice phone, but not smart enough. I've been spoiled by my P800; the D500 cannot:
  • Change the sort order of names
  • Sync
  • Switch the default text input for names etc. to T9
  • Import more than one contact at a time
  • Store more than one mobile, one home, one fax, one email, and one work number per contact. No birthday, etc.
There are just no settings at all, where it can get away with it — most of the options are to do with beeps and pictures. It has some other shortcomings, too, like sending SMSes to a contact involving too many keypresses, and the Contacts search being only on the last name. But, it does have a great camera, nice keys, and the best screen of any device ever. I wonder if I made the right choice, when I could have gone for the C500 Smartphone or a 3G handset.

I'm also yet to see if it supports delivery notifications, unlike Orange's crippled Sony-Ericsson K700i.

Hmmm. I wonder if I'll still carry my P800 around… after all, the D500 will be useless for calendaring, and I can't look up birthdays and such in it. Maybe my moleskine will fill the gap!

Posted at 2004-12-14 15:39:27 by RichardLink to Samsung SGH-D500