Fri 21 Jan 2005

Nokia pros and cons

A con: Nokia Album (a picture manager for the 7610) will install but not run on my 6630. Disappointing — I'm not used to this kind of deliberate incompatibility. Python makes up for it, though!

A pro: Judging by recent correspondence, Ora Lassila is a very nice chap indeed, and (like myself) uses OpenMCL. The link? Ora works for Nokia, and developed Wilbur, which I'm using in my latest work.

This emphasis on the Semantic Web at the Finnish mobile giant is quite encouraging; Patrick Stickler is also a Nokia-ite working on the SW. He happens to be responsible for Concise Bounded Descriptions, which are almost certainly going to come into play in my current work.

I might as well move to Finland!

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