Fri 28 Jan 2005


Rabid Astrid fan that I am, I bought Oskar's album, Air Conditioning, the other day. It duly arrived this morning (bargain; £9 shipped, paid by PayPal on my card), and I just ripped and listened to it.

A little bit U.N.K.L.E., a little bit dreamy, a little of all sorts. The tracks with Astrid on, particularly Strike This are good; the ending of Strike This is an abrupt fade to silence, mid-word, which stuns you out of immersion. An odd effect — certainly saves them from having to come up with an ending for the track! The excellent title track itself starts as a kind of Eno-esque soundscape, reminiscent of waterfalls over vinyl with ivory and ebony birds overhead, then drops into deep echoing whorls of sound and piano chords. Gorgeous.

I love musical experiments that go right.

Posted at 2005-01-28 12:56:35 by RichardLink to Oskar