Sun 06 Mar 2005


As part of a project I'm working on, I've implemented an XmlHttpRequest-based dynamic interface, much like those that Google uses in its modern Web products. It's a bit application-specific and proprietary, though, and I liked the look of SAJAX, which binds Javascript functions on the client to PHP functions on the server. So I decided to implement it in Common Lisp (with Araneida, of course!).
It's not finished yet, but you can export a function then call it by URL, which is most of the work (the existing project already does the JS calling, so it won't take me long to cut that up). It supports arbitrary arguments, including keyword arguments, as you should be able to see from the Safari URL bar in the pic.

More later, when I get it done — I have far too much to do tomorrow, and it's getting late (again)! Time to sleep!

Posted at 2005-03-06 16:42:51 by RichardLink to cl-ajax