Wed 23 Mar 2005


I've just started a little flurry of activity on the list regarding tags. I'm after an ontology for tagging (as demonstrated by So, I sent in a query, and followed it up with an ontology and an RFC.

Seth Russell suggested support for synsets, as in WordNet. Danny pointed us to SKOS, which I've seen before but never examined closely. This should deal with synsets and taxonomic relationships quite neatly. Furthermore, Danny waxed lyrical about an awesome WordPress plugin (developed by Morten Frederiksen) that automatically produces a personal SKOS concept scheme from WordPress categories. That produced quite a bit of inspiration!

Timothy Falconer pointed out how Storymill and Tidepool use tags, particularly their Mu schema.

Finally, Marja Koivunen linked to Ubimarks for Mozilla (related to the Annotea project), and Annotea's topics.

I still need to work a lot of this stuff in, but the preliminary ontology is here in RDF/XML (Notation3 version). I'll be trying to expand and integrate this stuff, particularly with Marja's stuff and SKOS. I also need to give Mu a good look.

Then Phil Dawes posted about tagtriples (Sourceforge page). That's another can of worms…!

I think this is the most heavily-linked post in my blogging history!

In other news, this site is #1 on Google for Richard Newman (no quotes). On Google UK, from my search bar, Disconnected Urbanism, a post from January 2004, somehow comes in second. I've clearly had a big jump in my PageRank recently. It's funny how I never noticed the “Richard Newman Primary School” in Barnsley, South Yorkshire before now!

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