Wed 13 Apr 2005

Who Should You Vote For?

Disclaimer: if you're trying to avoid politics, skip this entry.

I'm not convinced by My first run through put me firmly in the Green Party camp, which came as a surprise, with Lib Dems (if I recall correctly) in second place. Revising my answers only slightly totally altered the rankings, putting UKIP first, then Conservatives, Greens, then Lib Dem. This was even more of a surprise. Looking at these scores tells you absolutely nothing about my political beliefs.

If you look at their scoring page, you'll see why — things that I gently disagree on (such as banning smoking in public places) gives the Lib Dems, for instance, −2 on their score. This issue mostly doesn't affect me, but I have no way of altering its weighting. The fact that I gently disagree with joining the Euro in the near future (on economic, rather than xenophobic, grounds) probably gives UKIP a massive (and unjustified) boost in score.

The only thing that remained consistent was Labour's negative score, which I expect is mostly down to my strong opposition of the ID card bill.

To summarise: it's very hard to reduce politics down to linear scales on individual issues; they're complex, multidimensional, and defiantly intertwined. Go and read some manifestoes.

I hope that'll be my one and only political post until the General Election. Normal Lisp and life coverage will resume shortly.

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