Sat 30 Jul 2005

Many days, no blog; FRBR

It's a long time since I've gone 3 or 4 days without blogging anything. I must be busy! The week has been full of (a) work, and (b) drinking with new friends. These are good things.

For months now I've been discussing bibliographic representations with Bruce D'Arcus, who has been developing citeproc and looking into RDF. A little later Ian Davis joined the fray, and back at the start of July I cleaned up and sent to him my FRBR OWL ontology (on which I expended some effort way back in 2004!). Ian read, digested, fixed some errors, split the complex bits out, and stuck it on the Web. Thanks Ian! It's far better that it's out there, being discussed (and maybe used!), than languishing on my hard drive for another year while I neglect it!

Thoughts and comments are solicited from all interested parties. We think that an FRBR ontology is an important foundation for a lot of descriptive modelling — not just in libraries, but in, e.g., personal photo libraries, and even on the Web itself.

Still to do are the FRBR “decorative” properties, links between the complex (i.e., strongly-typed) properties and the core, and mappings to other ontologies. The core is there, though, and terms like frbr:Work won't change.

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