Tue 04 Jul 2006

New camera

I just ordered a new Canon SD700IS from Newegg.com. My only disappointment is that the combo deal I chose — including a high-speed 2GB SD card — disappeared half-way through the sale, so when I came to confirm the purchase the card was missing. I ended up with a massive 4GB card instead, so I'll be able to exhaust 8 Canon batteries before the thing is full. Rar.

Add some new headphones, a headset for work, and some DVD-Rs, and the total is over $700, but I suppose it's about time I replaced my ageing IXUS v. In exactly the same size case I get a 1" bigger screen, 4MP more, continuous video at 640x480, and image stabilisation. More plastic, though. Ah well!

Elaina is attending an audience with the Pope today in Rome. I wonder if he'll mention the football? Let's hope she doesn't catch Catholicism.

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