Fri 07 Jul 2006

Gin and Tacos does America

Two stand-outs from this wonderful piece.
  • Received a speeding ticket in Hutchinson, KS for 75 in a 65. Refrained from saying "Hell, I was doing 90 a minute ago. I slowed down to 75 because I was reading a guide book."
  • Drove across the entirety of 12 states and portions of 4 others. American politics make sense after doing so. America is not Chicago or the pretty college town in which you currently live. No, America is fat white women with black eyes, hundred-mile stretches of vacant land, the smell of Busch Beer wafting from ramshackle houses, towns with no library (but 3 Baptist churches and 5 bars), and mulleted retards driving pre-fuel injection Ford trucks.
This is the wrong post in which to do it, but farewell to Bruce, a legend, an Englishman, and a drinker. He will be missed, in Austin though he is.

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