Mon 04 Sep 2006

This morning

When I woke up this morning my first question was: “did I play soccer yesterday, or was I kidnapped by the Triads?”

You can imagine my confusion: I do indeed feel somewhat like I was suspended from the ceiling in a sack and beaten. It was probably worth it, though.

Yesterday was the birthday of Shaun, one of the players on 3 of Elaina's teams (2 indoor, 1 outdoor). In celebration, his girlfriend had booked Off The Wall and invited us to come and play, followed by pizza and cake at The Garrett. This was, then, my indoor soccer (indeed, my competitive soccer) debut*.

90 minutes of near-constant running. I scored one, saved 3/conceded 1, and generally didn't do badly for a novice. I was very pleased, though my utter lack of cardiovascular fitness did me no favours.

I mostly worked the rest of the day, finishing it off with dinner at The Counter (their burgers are so good, so why is the service so absolutely abysmal?) and a coffee and cake at Coupa.

Oh, I almost forgot. We have a neighbour's cat in the process of adopting us. Yesterday morning she was waiting with her paws up at the window, merely ducking her head as I opened it before jumping in. I should get some pictures next time.

* To put this in perspective, I've been watching these games for about 11 months.

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