Thu 08 Mar 2007

Time flies

In the process of making some changes to the site, I ran across two things that surprised me.

The first was twinql's dedicated project page. This was last updated in August of 2005 (I first started writing twinql on the 14th June 2005). Quite a lot has happened since then! It's now fairly mature and vastly better, and is an important part of the next version of AllegroGraph. That's nearly two years.

The second was my CSS file. I'm bad at updating version information and changelogs in files (that's what version control is for!), and this is great evidence: the last timestamp is from 2003-12-23. That's well over three years ago, which is a long time on the web. My blog as a whole is almost four years old, though there was HTML up here before that.

Come to think of it, I've been at Tellme for a duration that's fast approaching two years. Doesn't time fly?

Posted at 2007-03-08 21:09:24 by RichardLink to Time flies