Tue 27 Nov 2007


I pretty much agree entirely with this essay on receiving gifts.

I've reached the point in my career where the sum I will happily pay without thinking when I buy something for myself has outstripped the amount that, when spent on a gift for me, causes me to feel guilty. That is to say, anything I want I have either already bought, or consider too expensive to let you buy it for me.

This particularly goes for my mum: really, I don't want you to get me anything for Christmas. I just spent nearly $300 on a knife, just because it was pretty. If you get me anything, make it something personal, like a photograph; it would give me more pleasure to spend a fortune on you, and get your happiness in return.

Hmm… reading the comments raises some exceptions: stuff I don't know about; very old booze; restaurant meals; homemade edible things. But the point still stands: if I can buy it for myself, I probably already have, and it's very much the personal stuff that matters.

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