Tue 26 Jan 2010

Small flashlights

On a whim I ordered a Leatherman Monarch 200 flashlight. For $10 I thought it was worth a try.

I normally carry a 4Sevens Quark 123, or a small Preon, but I like to have lights everywhere. Comes in handy when the power goes out!

Here's how it stacks up against the Fenix E01 ($12.50) and the Lummi Wee, which cost me about £50 all told (it has tritium phials).

The E01 is slightly brighter, and the Leatherman is much bluer in color. (My “natural” LED lights are even less blue.) The Lummi Wee, as you might expect from a high-output light that uses boutique batteries, kicks out a lot more light.

However, I'm not disappointed: the Monarch is tiny, has a clicky tailcap (which is both easy to use and hard to accidentally depress: much better in my opinion than twist activation), seems pretty robust, and costs no more than a Photon. This one is going on the wife's keychain, and I might order another to stash in a bag…

Posted at 2010-01-26 17:33:26 by Richard NewmanLink to Small flashlights